What Truck Accident Lawyers Assess To Determine Liable Parties

The truck driver, truck company, manufacturer, truck maintenance company, truck loader company, and other vehicles are some of the parties that may be held accountable in a truck accident case. In some cases, it may be one party, and in some, the liability is shared.

On your own, you will find the process of determining liability to be quite complex. A qualified and experienced truck accident lawyer makes this process easier and ensures you get compensation from all liable parties.

A professional truck accident lawyer will help you access and assess the following crucial documents to determine liability in your case.

1. The Police Report

That you should call the police is the first thing your truck accident lawyer will advise. While the official police report may not include an assessment of who may be at fault, the details in this report can help your lawyer to build your case moving forward. 

An examination of the vehicles involved, witness statements, and more information in the police report can help your lawyer determine the direction of your case and which parties to hold liable in your filing.

2. Truck Driver's Driving Record

Your truck accident lawyer can request the company to provide relevant driver records. Does the driver involved in the accident have a history of driving under the influence? How many other, if any, accidents has the driver been involved in? Reviewing these records can help provide the information to back up an argument that the truck driver didn't, and historically doesn't exercise the required caution while on the road.

3. Vehicle Maintenance Records

In addition to the driver's driving records, your truck accident lawyer may also request the truck company to provide the truck's maintenance records. Was the truck checked when it should have been? What issues and failures came up in the truck's maintenance history? If the maintenance company was neglectful in carrying out its work, then you may be able to hold them liable.

4. Truck's Black Box

Commercial trucks contain black boxes that record crucial information about the moments leading up to an accident. Your truck accident lawyer can request access to this information. Your legal team will then be able to determine, among other things, how fast the truck was going and when the driver applied the brakes. 

A professional lawyer will quickly request this information as the boxes have limited storage capacity. If you wait too long, you may find new data over-written over what you need for your case.

Determining which parties are liable is a crucial step in your case. Hire a local truck accident lawyer to help you look through the information sources highlighted to establish who is at fault.