Reasons Why Your Motorcycle Personal Injury Case May Not Settle Before Going To Trial

The majority of personal injury cases, including motorcycle accident cases, end in a settlement before the case ever goes to trial. There are many benefits to settling the case before trial. You are able to get money faster, you have control over the outcome of the case, and you avoid a lengthy and costly trial. Unfortunately, not every case settles prior to the trial. Here are a few of the top reasons why your motorcycle personal injury case may not settle before going to trial. 

There's A Disagreement Over Liability

One of the most common reasons why your personal injury case may not settle before it goes to trial is because there is a disability over liability. If you were responsible for the crash completely, you would not be able to bring a lawsuit against the other party. As such, if the other party feels that you are solely responsible for the crash, or feels that you have a significant amount more liability than you feel you do, they may be willing to see if a judge or jury sides with them at trial. 

There Is Not Enough Insurance Coverage

Another common reason why your motorcycle personal injury case may not settle prior to a trial is simply because there is not enough insurance coverage or no insurance coverage at all. If you are seeking $200,000 but a party only has insurance coverage up to $100,000, they may not want to settle because the other $100,000 comes out of their pocket. Likewise, it may be wise for you not to settle if there is not enough insurance coverage as you can only recoup money from a party if there is a judgement entered. Going to trial helps you get this judgement. 

The Insurance Company Disagrees With the Valuation 

The final reason why your motorcycle personal injury case may not settle before going to trial is because your side and the insurance side drastically disagree with the valuation of the case. Valuing a personal injury is challenging: You have to look at past medical expenses, future medical expenses, permanent injuries, the loss of income, and pain and suffering. If your side and the other side are far apart, there may be no meeting in the middle, so a judge or jury may ultimately be responsible for valuing the case. 

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