Get A Lawyer Early To Preserve The Value Of Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney


Hiring a lawyer should be the foremost priority for anyone involved in a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accidents have the potential to seriously injure both one's body and one's property. While most laws provide for compensation for all such losses, they become payable only when the victim can successfully establish that the injury was caused due to someone else's negligence. It is recommended that a lawyer should be hired as soon as possible after an accident for the following reasons.

Difficulty in establishing legal negligence – The investigation for establishing the liability begins right after the accident, in which getting a lawyer's help is indispensable, since they know not only the nature of evidence required, but also the sources from which such evidence can be found. Delay in hiring a lawyer is also problematic because the available evidence may get destroyed or may disappear.

Negotiation with Insurance Companies – The business landscape which the insurance companies inhabit dictates their actions, motivating them to find ways to reduce and minimize the value of the motorcycle accident claim. They will employ every method to do so which will make it a tricky task for victims to establish their claim. Hence, the assistance of a lawyer is needed to effectively negotiate with the insurance companies so that the value of the claim is not diminished.

Inadvertent admission of guilt – Insurance companies train their adjusters to minimize the amount payable as insurance, even in cases of perfectly valid claims. They may try to obtain statements from the victim where they are inadvertently admitting full or partial liability for the accident. A lawyer will ensure that the victim is protected against such tactics.

Hence, while hiring a lawyer immediately after the accident is absolutely essential, the only other thing that should be prioritized is visiting a doctor or hospital at the earliest convenience. Ideally, this would be the same day of the accident or at least the next day. Having medical records from right after the accident strengthens the case for securing the maximum possible compensation. In case of delay in getting medical and legal help, the insurance company may also challenge the very basis for the claim, whether the injuries were caused by the accident or not. Every day's delay in getting medical help means that the victim's case is worth less and less money. Thus, one should also ensure that the least possible delay is caused in getting both medical and legal help.