Emotional Driving – Four Conditions Where Other Drivers Could Be Held At Fault

Distracted driving is often a cause for accidents on the road, but even if someone is paying attention, their emotional state could have an impact on the way a vehicle is operated. After being involved in a car accident, it's important to break down all of the aspects of the case. If someone has shown or proven that they have been driving emotionally, then you can hire a car accident attorney to hold them liable for any injuries or damages that may have occurred. By breaking down different types of emotional driving, you can see how these factors will impact your case and help build evidence towards a successful settlement.

Relationship Issues

Relationship problems are often a source of emotional driving. Crying, yelling, or being mentally distracted can keep a person's mind off the road. If this is the case, then the person may be held liable for a car accident. Police reports may indicate this information, including if the person was crying or emotionally distressed during the accident. A car accident attorney may also gather extra evidence through social media platforms. For example, posts about the break-up near the time of the accident can be used as evidence of the erratic driving and behavior from the other driver. Any type of social media profile that is made public can be used as evidence and presented during a settlement case.

Job Stress

One of the main reasons that people drive a vehicle is to travel to and from work. These trips can be filled with a lot of stressful factors that can impact driving times. For example, a person may be driving faster to work if they are running late. The threat of being late for work can cause the person to rush through areas and not pay attention to safety signs. Drivers in work uniforms, witness statements, and copies of company schedules can all help build evidence that a person was trying to rush to their job and get there on time.

An additional form of job stress may come with recently fired employees. Anger from losing a job and becoming unemployed can lead to road rage issues and problems on the road. Statements from former co-workers and bosses can also contribute to the evidence of the employee's actions and emotional state when the accident occurred.

Parents & Children

There's no doubt that children can cause a lot of stress for parents. When traveling in a car, fighting siblings, whiny kids, or sick kids can all lead to increased levels of stress. When a parent is involved in an accident, their stress and distraction levels may have been dramatically increased. Along with their statements, the children may have given statements to the police. If this is the case, then those statements may give more insight on the parent's state of mind during the car crash.

Traffic Stress

Sometimes it doesn't take outside factors to impact a person's driving. The road itself can change the way a person feels emotionally. A person may have road rage or unnecessary anger that can cause them to overreact and cause an accident. When someone is involved in a car crash like this, an attorney can look into the history of the driver. This history may include other road rage incidents or any possible anger management classes that they've had to attend. All of these factors can be used as evidence in a settlement case. Consulting with a car accident attorney is the best way to help gather this evidence and build up the case.

Finding out all of these extra facts and details can really help get you a settlement for your injuries. Contacting a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible is the best way to start building your case.